About Me


Hello, I’m Rachel. I never really dreamed of having a food blog when I was little. Probably because the internet wasn’t a big thing back then (I’m older than I look). I have a BS in business and make my living basically staring at excel spreadsheets all day every day, but I’ve always had a creative side, whether it be writing, cooking, drawing, etc. Maybe I can share my drawings on here too? Drawing and food blog, that’s an idea! Anyway, I’ve always loved to cook. I often have to donate cookbooks to make room for new ones, I follow an excessive number of food blogs and it takes me years to scroll my dinner Pinterest boards. I absolutely love collecting recipes and ideas, making them my own and creating meal plans. I didn’t want to become a chef because I didn’t want the pressure of performance to ruin one of my favorite hobbies (same thing with drawing), but I’m at a point where I’ve realized I need to just go for one of those passions and see what happens. So here we are, in a little more relaxed of an atmosphere to start and get my toes wet. The rest is unknown, but also, extremely exciting…

A little about me:

-I am married to a wonderful man named Court, who encouraged me to start this blog as soon as I mentioned it. (This may or may not have just been a huge ruse in order to show off wedding pics.)Borgman0456Borgman0877

-We have 3 dogs together, combined from before our marriage: My two long-haired chihuahua’s, Louie and Martini, and his black lab, Jeff. All of them get along amazingly and of course have their unique quirks that give them personality.

-We live in West Michigan and love it here.

-I love to travel. That sounds cliche, but I do. I love the different cultures; meeting their people, seeing their architecture, hearing their languages, and of course eating their food. Recently we traveled to Bali, Indonesia for our honeymoon. It was gorgeous, but unfortunately we got pretty sick while we were there. A story for another day.

-As stated earlier, I love to draw and look for ways to let my creativity flow.  (Here’s one!)
I may be typecast as a left-brain personality, but I think people are much more complicated than that.











-My sense of humor is deadpan and dry. Please be careful not to take me too seriously. In fact, maybe just assume I’m being sarcastic. Probably more safe than the alternative.

-I plan everything possible and love organizing.

-I use a lot of parentheses and ellipses.

-I recently lost a significant amount of weight. Another story for another day. I’ve learned a lot over my personal food-journey though and I thought it might be about time to start writing it down and sharing it. Even if it’s just with me.

-I hope ‘clever’ can still be associated with me after all of this, and not just ‘cleaver.’